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Spain will soon have more electric cars on the road than ever before.

Mobile Electric Chargers will be the preferred type of charging for millions of Electric Cars in Spain,

Just as Mobile People carriers like Lyft have replaced the old way of transporting people by Taxi.

In the future most people will eventually prefer the convenience of charging anywhere they are instead of waiting in line for a regular charging station, which are usually not where you want them to be when you really need them.

Electrify Spain's Mobile Chargers are like the Lyft or Uber for electric cars since they can be anywhere you need them, anytime you need them. No more range anxiety or waiting in line.

Electrify Spain is the mobile charging Solution for charging Electric Vehicles in Spain.

Electrify Spain 's AWD Charging Vehicles can charge any electric car anywhere in Spain in just minutes with our ULTRA FAST DIRECT Graphene Charging technology.

Our Charging Vehicles are designed and equipped with massive battery capacity and extended range capabilities allowing them to cruise and charge all day and night.

Our Graphene Enhanced Fast Charging Technology is more efficient than standard chargers and is compatible with all Electric Cars including all Tesla models.

Electrify Spain can provide the same CD FAST charging as a charging station except our service is completely mobile so we can charge any electric car anywhere and have it back on the road in just minutes.

Electric car owners in Spain now have a practical solution to Range Anxiety and can drive their cars where they want in Spain and never worry about being stranded again.

Electrify Spain's fleet of vehicles are fully electric vehicles, non polluting and they are all wheel drive to be able to provide charging anywhere even in Rain, Snow, Sand or mud.

We go where you need us.



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